Immersive Archive at SIGGRAPH 2023

Siggraph 2023 Highlights

Forbes article by Charlie Fink

Siggraph 2023: Immersive Pavilion

The Immersive Archive was exhibited at Siggraph's Immersive Pavilion as part of the "VR Retrospective" in collaboration with the Computer History Museum.

"Step back in time, and discover the rich history of VR. Listen to Ivan Sutherland in his own words and experience his VR lab in 1968, where he developed some of the earliest devices. See Mort Heilig’s Sensorama, a rare protype built in the late 50s that inspired much of the VR work that came after it."

Panel: Preserving Virtual Reality at Siggraph

Our panel explored the challenges of establishing a standard of best practices for VR preservation and how to support the futurity of these studies.