Our Approach to Creating the Archive

Here is an in-depth overview of our team's process to creating the Immersive Archive.


The main concept is to arrange projects through a cylindrical representation of timeline that connects them vertically. The timeline runs through the center of each project, making it easily accessible. The current versions of architectural space iterations revolve around the idea of having core experiences closer to the center, and as one moves outward, they would start digging into more detailed aspects of each project and archival materials.


When crafting the user experience of the Immersive Archives, we wanted to ensure that the user has agency to navigate the experience in the way that is best suited for them. This is why we have created two modes: Story Mode and Tour Mode.

Story Mode is a linear experience that uses narrative storytelling to guide the user through the exhibit to get a better understanding of the context in which these inventions came to be, as well as utilizing the virtual reality space to create delightful and memorable interactions.

Tour Mode is for those users who want to navigate the exhibits on their own terms, being able to bypass storytelling elements and explore the space and artifacts in whatever order they like.In terms of user interface, we kept it very simple and easy to follow as guides. We want the main focus to be on the experiences themselves.